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Water Out Atlanta FAQ's | Water Extraction and Drying Atlanta Ga

Q: Will Water Out® dry too fast? A: No. The Water Out drying process will remove water from building material at an even rate. This method eliminates the possibility of warping or cracking wood.

Q: Can the occupants stay in the house while Water Out is drying? A: Yes. Occupants may stay in the building under certain circumstances. Each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, if the building is evacuated, the drying time will be shorter.

Q: How much power does Water Out’s equipment use? A: The trailer operates on 115-volt household current at 9 amps. This is about the same power consumption as a typical hair dryer.

Q: How will I know when my building is dry? A: Water Out contractors use state of the art detection equipment. We can detect moisture in wood, insulation and under tile and carpet and we document everything.

Q: Does Water Out use chemicals? A: Water Out contractors do not use chemicals or deodorants to mask water damage odors. We dry with outside air, filtered and dried to provide the cleanest drying process possible.

Q: Does Water Out’s equipment make a lot of noise? A: Water Out is quiet-- about the same decibel as a refrigerator.

Q: What about smaller jobs? A: Water Out equipment is not for every job. Sometimes a refrigerant dehumidifier and some fans are enough. The value of restoration or replacement is always a concern.

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